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Senator Perry Blazian Danielle Woods Election: November 7 th , 2006 Propositions Table of Contents 1A: Transportation Fund Allocation 1B: Bond Measure for Highway Husbandry 1C: Bonds for Affordable Housing 1D: Funding for Educational Facilities 1E: Flood Management Project Funding 83: Harsher Punishment for Sex Offenders 84: Funding to Secure Water Supply 85: Minors’ Abortion Rights 86: Cigarette Tax 87: Alternative Energy Incentives 88: Educational Funding 89: Public Campaign Funding 90: Eminent Domain Proposition 1A Transportation Funding Protection Legislative Constitutional Amendment Summary: This Amendment to the state constitution, if passed, would result in the restriction of the funds procured from the excise “gas tax” and the “sales tax” on gas to going specifically to be used for state transportation purposes. Arguments for the bill cite the fact that the California highway system is not only inefficient, but in a state of disrepair; going on to say that subverting efforts to remedy this situation (i.e. “siphoning off funds” to go elsewhere, is an injustice to California. Arguments against the amendment state that the state receives a titanic amount of money from taxes on gasoline and the like, and in times of economic crisis or natural disaster, the state legislatures need to have some flexibility in grappling with the issues. Proposition 1B
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Vote! - Senator Perry Blazian Danielle Woods Election...

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