Editoral - these individuals that I find myself fantasying about Zeus himself descending on a angry cartoon-like “frowny-cloud of suffering,”

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I can stand it no longer. The rising plague that has blighted the corridors of Shasta High School has progressed to a point where I can no longer stay silent. My anger has escalated from suppressed impatience to calm irritation to unhappy annoyance to pure frustration to impassioned rage, and finally, where it now stands, to a fiery, boiling, seething fury. I of course refer to the seemingly thousands of brainless idiots that group together in the hallways, clogging the arteries of our school like worthless, fatty, malevolent cholesterol molecules. They feel the need to stand motionless in such a drooling, pig-like fashion, day after day, impeding the progress of those who don’t have a pathetic need to squeeze every second of the passing period trying to socialize with their equally moronic friends. As a result, the rest of the student population’s education is directly negatively affected. It has spawned such a hatred in the core of my being for
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Unformatted text preview: these individuals that I find myself fantasying about Zeus himself descending on a angry, cartoon-like “frowny-cloud of suffering,” hurtling powerful anti-hallway-clogging-idiot lightning bolts with devastating accuracy and without mercy at those who have so often offended the innocent just trying to make their way to class. Now, that would be true vengeance, and, I my most humble opinion, the only way to justly deal with the problem. As you might have noticed, nothing else works on these land-dwelling manatees. I’ve tried it all; clearing your throat, the annoyed scoff, the stiff shoulder to the backpack, curling up into a ball on the floor and sobbing quietly to myself… Nothing works on these sincerely incompetent, clueless individuals. Or rather, packs of individuals. I guess it’s hard to block an entire hallway off all by yourself. -Perry Blazian...
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