Senate Report January, 2006

Senate Report January, 2006 - end of the campus. It is also...

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Senate Report: January, 2007 Senator Perry Blazian of the first Period Economics class, Humble Public Servant Note to self: Remember Sean Connery accent . My fellow senators. I stand before you today, at the beginning of a new year, full of hope, and promise. My aim for this year is to make our beloved Shasta High School a better place for education. I propose we achieve this objective through a series of new policies, in addition to general improvements. First, if you’ll permit me, I would like to begin by proposing a new parking lot for Senators’ use only. Combined with homework passes for Senators as well, I feel that this would compensate for the huge burden that we Senators must bear on a daily basis. That said, I feel that now we, as representatives of the people, must turn our attention towards them. As you are all undoubtably aware, the new 900s wing of the school is situated on the south
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Unformatted text preview: end of the campus. It is also two stories tall, and hundreds of our peers are forced to climb those stairs every day, only to descend them after the period is over and trudge up a second set of stairs to get to the main section of the school, comprised of the 1, 2 and 3 hundreds wings. I propose that we construct a gleaming skyway linking the second story of the 900s wing to ground in front of the courtyard type section betwixt the library and 100s wing. This would not only save our students valuable time that could be spent learning, but also bring some well needed prestige to this school of ours. Please consider this proposal with an open mind and eager heart to improve the conditions surrouding us, that we might be more able to hold ourselves, and our school, in higher esteem. Thank you for you time. (Hold for applause)...
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