The Chesapeake and Massachusetts Colonies

The Chesapeake and Massachusetts Colonies - 1The Chesapeake...

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1 The Chesapeake and Massachusetts Colonies: A Reflective Comparison Observers of the English colonies in the Chesapeake and Massachusetts Bay noted that the people, the religion, the land, and the commerce of the area all were different, in one way or another. However, despite the disparity of the two colonies, their people had much in common with one another. Both colonies had to grapple with the problem of land distribution and overcrowding, due to population growth. Economic troubles arose from this, as the Chesapeake economy was centered around plantation production and export; the Massachusetts colony had problems as well, running out of land to give the immigrants and offspring. Financially, the unofficial aristocracy of the colonies accumulated large, expansive plots of land, by which they were able to control the majority of wealth, leaving the middle and lower classes to have to fend for themselves and move westward. These colonies, who were so different in their beliefs, practices, and way of life, had to endure and deal with the same type of problems, both economic and social. The colonies of Massachusetts and Chesapeake Bay experienced a steady growth in population after the initial settling of the land. Once the people in Europe were able to see that the people going to the New World weren’t dying by the hundreds due to disease or Indians, they began to emigrate from England (and of course, in smaller numbers Scotland, Ireland, and Germany, namely) to the promising lands of the North American continent. The population of Maryland from 1640 to 1700 rapidly increases from 563 settlers to 26,377 colonists, and keeps on going, growing roughly by thirty percent every decade (Document 2). This fact leads to the question of location of settlement. The people settling in the colony
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The Chesapeake and Massachusetts Colonies - 1The Chesapeake...

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