The Corellian TreatyI

The Corellian TreatyI - The Corellian Treaty It has been a...

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The Corellian Treaty It has been a argument that has perforated society since its birth, and directed history’s development throughout time: the power of government. Great philosophers such as Montesquieu and Locke, who are still quoted today, shaped the thinking of its proprietors. The argument was the basis for the American Revolution, and the controversy around the Articles of Confederation and the American Constitution. However, perhaps the most memorable example of conflict over the topic of power occurred long ago in a galaxy far, far away. In the year 22 B.B.Y. (Before the Battle of Yavin) the then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor of the known Star Wars galaxy; this single event plunges an entire galaxy into upheaval for the next forty years. The main focus of the conflict is derived from the placement of power and who was wielding it and how. The argument at hand is simply what justifiable grievances were used by the Rebel Alliance (which was originally formed by the Corellian Treaty, hence the title) against the rule of Emperor Palpatine. With the Declaration of Rebellion , issued by the Rebel Alliance, the resistance made clear to Palpatine the motives of the people. The declaration sited many points of fault with the reformed government, spanning across a range of subjects and instances that affected sentient life across the galaxy, including raised taxes, the unlawful seizure of property, blatant
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The Corellian TreatyI - The Corellian Treaty It has been a...

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