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Tragic Hero Essay

Tragic Hero Essay - Perry Blazian Period 5 AP English...

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Perry Blazian 11/12/06 Period 5, AP English Comedic Heroes are all alike… Each tragic hero is tragic in his own way. For example, Shakespeare’s most famous tragic trinity comprised of Hamlet, Macbeth, and Othello. Each is, without doubt, a tragic hero in his own right, yet the deciding flaw that leads them down the path of self- destruction is distinct in each specific case. In departing from the common threads which bind them together (namely merely meeting the qualifications set by Aristotle; e.g., being a man of elevated status, well regarded, on the whole morally sound) these men differentiate themselves from one another, providing clear grounds by which one could qualify their roles against the precedent laid out by Sophocles. The role of tragedy is to evoke not only pity, but fear. The success of the tragic hero, therefore, is to be determined by examining the extent of which he is able to produce such emotions. The degree whereby the three protagonists are able to create such emotions lies within the reader’s sense of relation to the plot, and more specifically the hamartia that exsists within the character in question. Thus, the more the reader feels as though whatever the main character is going though could just as easily take place in their own life, the more pity and fear they will feel. The aforementioned taken into account, it is prudent to state that Hamlet is the most readily relatable character of the three. His hamartia, as will be discussed later,
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is the least of the three, his nemesis deriving more from circumstance than actual flaws in his personal character. After Hamlet, Othello’s tale carries with it numerous tragic qualities. He was gravely deceived, after all. Finally, comes Macbeth; his story the least
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Tragic Hero Essay - Perry Blazian Period 5 AP English...

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