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Unformatted text preview: James Madison Madison Father Of America? You better believe it. You Man Of Action Man Of Action James Madison was a true archetype for what we now fondly think of as a “Founding Father” How, you ask? How, you ask? The following documentary is comprised of a collection of interviews with some of the world’s less known yet incredibly knowledgeable historians. And let’s be honest. How many famous historians do you know of? James Madison and his many talents James Madison and his many talents The following, of course, will enlighten your minds, bringing the man known by his friends as “Little Jimmy Madison” into a whole new light. But first, a poem, believed to have been written by Madison himself. Good Ol’ James Good Ol’ James • Clearly a perceptive lad, James Madison wrote this poem about himself at the age of 15. I am the best Oh yes, the very best Hooray for me I’ll probably be the most important figure in American history I am the best • The question then becomes, of course, did James Madison write this powerful prose? Maybe. We consulted with the experts. Maybe. We consulted with the experts. The mystique surrounding Madison can The mystique surrounding Madison can sometimes be intimidating to take head on. We deferred to an expert for this, too. Indeed. Indeed. To summarize: Main Author of the Constitution 4th President of the United States “Kicked Butt and Took Names” Sounds like a winner already. Hard Facts Hard Facts Active in the Constitutional Convention Helped frame the Bill of Rights Fought against Hamilton’s financial proposals (weren’t very fair) Acted tough with the world powers of the age, France and Britain, and got away with it. Famous last words (1836) The Man The Man A small, sickly man, weighing in at approximately 100lbs and being 5’ 4”, Madison was not what we would consider impressive in stature. Yet, he overcame his physical appearance and became the influential man that he is remembered as; known for his fairness and competence. A student of the political philosopher Montesquieu, Madison ably avoided being tided down by partisan ties, or “single­track” thinking. He would investigate an issue in its complexities and details, earning himself the title “the vigilant voice of cool reason.” His wife, Dolley Payne Madison, was described as “attractive and vivacious,” and is largely credited with inventing the role of “First Lady” as a political ally to the president as well as being the capable leader of Washington’s social scene. Madison’s Role Madison’s Role • • • He was essential in the creation of the Democratic­ Republican Party, and opposed the Hamiltonians as “crypto­monarchists,” which he keenly saw as a threat to true republican values. In addition, Madison, working with Thomas Jefferson, wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions which declared a state’s right to block unconstitutional federal laws. Amazingly, after drafting the Constitution (and being somewhat influenced by George Mason), Madison, while serving in the House of Representatives, presented a package of twelve amendments to the Constitution, the final ten of which are now known as the Bill of Rights. In addition, the proposed 11th Amendment to the Constitution, which was struck down in his time, was passed in 1992, as the 27th Amendment. A Supreme Legacy A Supreme Legacy As author of not only the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, James Madison irreversibly impacted American history, not only in days past, but in modern times as well. His calm demeanor and collected approach towards politics, including the execution of his ideas, has left us with a gleaming model for following influential persons to emulate. Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt, just to name a few. In Closing In Closing Special Thanks To (in order): Fredrick O’Donalhoo, Wilson Strauss, Old Man Jenkins, Peritono Blazederes, America’s History Fifth Edition, and Wikipedia The End The End ...
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