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Hamlet Quiz “What moral dilemma does the Ghost cause Hamlet and how does Hamlet handle it throughout the play? Is he consistently motivated or does he struggle with his decision? Why?” Judging by Hamlet´s first reaction to the Ghost in the fourth scene of the first act, it is apparent that he had no concrete suspicions of foul play in his father´s death, nor had he drafted any plans of vengeance. While he was duly disconcerted with his mother´s prompt marriage to Claudius, his disdain for their actions is tempered. That is, until he is incensed upon hearing of the treachery surrounding the regicide of his father. The former king exhorts Hamlet to pursue justice and avenge his murder, creating a moral dilemma for the prince of “to kill or not to kill.” For the remainder of the play Hamlet searches for evidence to ascertain the Ghost´s claims, while grappling with the nature and ramifications of death. He remains committed and motivated to verify the truth behind his father´s demise throughout the work. There are arguments that assert that the lack of definitive action on the part of Hamlet
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