1914�Present - 1914Present MajorDevelopments o ,...

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1914–Present Major Developments Questions of periodization o Continuities and breaks, causes of changes from the previous  period and within this period War and peace in global context (The World Wars, colonial soldiers in the  First World War, the Holocaust, the Cold War, nuclear weaponry,  international organizations and their impact on the global framework,  globalization of diplomacy and conflict; global balance of power; reduction  of European influence; the League of Nations, the United Nations, the  Non-Aligned Nations) New patterns of nationalism (the interwar years; decolonization; racism,  genocide; new nationalisms, including the breakup of the Soviet Union) Impact of major global economic developments (the Great Depression in  Latin America; technology; Pacific Rim; multinational corporations) New forces of revolution and other sources of political innovations Social reform and social revolution (changing gender roles; family 
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1914�Present - 1914Present MajorDevelopments o ,...

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