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Case Study 1 Assignment [CIS310]

Case Study 1 Assignment [CIS310] - BRIEF STATEMENT OF...

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COASTLINE SYSTEMS CONSULTING Phone: Fax: DATE OF REQUEST SERVICE REQUESTED FOR DEPARTMENT(S) 01/04/2011 Customer Service, Call Center, IT Department SUBMITTED BY (key user contact) EXECUTIVE SPONSOR (funding authority) Name Anna Kelly Name Peter Charles Title Analyst and Programmer Title President/Analyst Office N/A Office N/A Phone N/A Phone N/A TYPE OF SERVICE REQUESTED: Information Strategy Planning Existing Application Enhancement Business Process Analysis and Redesign Existing Application Maintenance (problem fix) New Application Development Not Sure Other (please specify _Improve Responsiveness to Customers BRIEF STATEMENT OF PROBLEM, OPPORTUNITY, OR DIRECTIVE ( attach additional documentation as necessary) Trouble with tracking client hardware and software configuration. No organization to customer requests. Original system did not adapt well to expansion; the newer system must be constructed with future development in mind.
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Unformatted text preview: BRIEF STATEMENT OF EXPECTED SOLUTION Company President requests a redesigned system to enable technicians to efficiently respond, as well as providing a user friendly interface for customers. ACTION (ISS Office Use Only) Feasibility assessment approved Assigned to Karanda Johnson, Dennis Garcia_ Feasibility assessment waived Approved Budget $ 30,000 ____________ Start Date 1/5/2011__ Deadline 3/5/2011_ Request delayed Backlogged until date: ______________ Request rejected Reason: ________________________________________________ Authorized Signatures: _____________________________________ _________________________________________________ Project Executive Sponsor...
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