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Case Study 2 [CIS310] - more efficient 4 Bar-coding would...

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PROBLEMS, OPPORTUNITIES, OBJECTIVES AND CONSTRAINTS MATRIX Project: Database System Project Manager: Karanda Johnson, Dennis Garcia Created by: Karanda Johnson, Dennis Garcia Last Updated by: Karanda Johnson, Dennis Garcia Date Created: 1 Feb 2011 Date Last Updated: 1 Feb 2011 CAUSE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT OBJECTIVES Problem or Opportunity Causes and Effects System Objective System Constraint 1. Three ring binder to log configuration info. 2. Problems take too much time to solve. 3. Searchable database which would include configuration info and all others. 4. Make the database with a bar- code feature in mind. 5. Field laptops would not attain Internet access. 6. Make the database web en- abled. 7. Unsecure website 8. Developing an Intranet 1. Because configuration information is logged on paper, confusion and disorganization is the result. 2. Customer complaints result in los- ing customer base. 3. This could solve the disorganiza- tion issue and make the process
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Unformatted text preview: more efficient. 4. Bar-coding would make for a quicker check-in process and less typing. 5. No Internet access means, techni-cians are not able to view database information. 6. Technicians can access the site and update information as required. 7. Breach in the system allowing in-truders to gather sensitive info. 8. Make access to the database more secure 1. Add barcode scanning. 2. Develop an Intranet application. 3. Service Request integrated in the system 4. Maintain history of service 5. Assignment of service request 1. We will need to barcode every piece of equipment. 2. Technicians would not be able to update the master database. 3. Single point of access to the master database; technicians will need to consistently check for updates 4. Will reduce database index storage 5. Assigning service requests to un-available technicians, as opposed to available techs. Tentative List of Requirements...
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Case Study 2 [CIS310] - more efficient 4 Bar-coding would...

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