Case study 3 - assignment of various user permission levels...

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Use-Case Glossary Use-Case Name Use-Case Description Participating Actors and Roles Technician Work Requests This use-case describes the situation when a technician needs to document work order requests. Active Technician Hardware Components This use-case illustrates how hardware components should be tracked from client to client. Active Technician Administrative Support Software Components This use-case describes how client’s equipment and software configuration should be logged. Active Technician Project Manager Unresolved Requests This use-case describes how technicians will be able to view unresolved work requests and previously resolved work orders. Active Technician Project Manager Client User Permissions This use-case describes the
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Unformatted text preview: assignment of various user permission levels (i.e. client, employee, etc) Active Technician Project Manager Administrative Support Client Automated Email This use-case describes instances when a customer request status is sent automatically after updates to the work request. Active Technician Administrative Support Client Client Work Request Input This use-case describes customer ability to input work request orders through an automated system via the Internet Client Project Manager Barcode System Integration This use-case illustrates the tracking of customer equipment items along with component and software configuration Active Technician Administrative Support...
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Case study 3 - assignment of various user permission levels...

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