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LAB 1, STEP 2a Calculate Profit Per Item A. Click in Cell C5 to enter the formula. B. Type an equal sign (=) to indicate to Excel that the cell will contain a calculated value. C. The profit margin for this sale is 50%. Click cell B5, enter the multiplication sign (*) and then 50%. D. Validate the formula mathematically (desk check). Since 50% of 15 is 7.5, you know that the formula is correct.
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Unformatted text preview: Double click on the lower right hand corner of Cell C5 to auto fill this formula to all of the rest of the items in the list. E. Format the cells in this column as currency by clicking the Number Group Dialog Box Launcher: In the Format Cells dialog box, select Currency with 2 decimals: Click OK to apply this cell format to the column. Your spreadsheet will now look like this:...
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