w6-part2-four - 1 1 Machine-Level Programming II: Control...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 1 Machine-Level Programming II: Control Flow z Topics z Condition Codes z Setting z Testing z Control Flow z If-then-else z Varieties of Loops 2 Assembly programmer view z ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit z IR: Instruction register z GPR: General Purpose Registers z PC: Program Counter z SP: Stack Pointer z BR: Base Register ALU GPR Status Flags SP PC Memory Object Code Instructions & Data IR BR 3 Status flags z There are 1 bit flags or condition codes that are set in a status register z ZF stands for zero flag z SF stands for sign flag z CF stands for carry flag (when carry out occurs) z OF stands for overflow flag (when carry in to MSB occurs) z PF parity flag z AF auxiliary flag 4 Status flags (ZF or zero flag) z Status flags or condition codes are set when the processor executes Airthmetic operations z ZF: Zero Flag is set to 1 if an operation results in a zero z Example 1 z mov 0xF %eax z add 1 %eax z Example 2 z Mov 1 %eax z Dec %eax (decrements register by 1) z Operations that set zero flag are: z cmp, inc, dec, sub, add etc 2 5 cmp operation z cmp Src, Dst z Compares by subtracting Dst from Src z cmp op1, op2 z Compares two operands by subtracting op2 from op1 (op2-op1) z Sets the status flags based on the result z Does not alter op2 z Subtract operation or sub instruction stores the result in op2 z sub Src, Dst z Dst Dst- Src z sub op1, op2 op2-op1 result stored in op2 z move $5 %eax z cmp $5 %eax z %eax will still contain 5 but ZF will be set to 1 z move $5 %eax z sub $5 %eax z %eax will have 0 and ZF is set to 1 6 SF (Sign Flag) z As a result of arithmetic operation, the copy of the sign bit is in SF z mov $5 %eax z sub $6 %eax z SF is set to 1 z If the number is positive, MSB is 0 then SF is set to 0 z mov $15 %eax z add $10 %eax z SF is set to 0 7 Carry flag (CF) z CF is set when a carry out occurs z mov ffff,%eax z add 0001, %eax z Unsigned numbers z For 8 bits the range is 0 to 255 z For 16 bits the range is 0 to 65, 535 z For 32 bits the range is 32 bits 0 to 4, 294, 967, 295 z Result of an operation on unsigned numbers result in an overflow z mov $5, %eax z sub $6 %eax z also sets CF operation generates a borrow into MSB z Number is too small to be represented using signed numbers 8 Overflow flag (OF) z When a carry in occurs z When signed numbers get out of range z mov 7200H %eax z add 0E00H %eax z MSB in %eax will be 1 , a carry in has occurred z When you add two unsigned numbers, MSB will be 1 if the result is out...
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w6-part2-four - 1 1 Machine-Level Programming II: Control...

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