W8-four-Digital Logic

W8-four-Digital Logic - CS211 Computer Architecture Class...

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1 1 Digital Logic z Topics z z Logic Gates z Combinational Circuits z K-Maps CS211 Computer Architecture http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_4/index.html 2 Class Checkpoint z z C Programming language z More low-level then Java. z Better idea about what’s really going on. z Covered data representation z Computers manipulate data. How is this data stored and manipulated? z Covered Machine-Level representation of programs (assembly lanaguage - x86) z Computers don’t work on C code (or Java). Need instructions closer to hardware. z What’s next? Processor Design … how does machine instructions actually make the processor work? 3 But first… z Before we go into processor design, we’re going to cover some topics in Digital Logic . z Book covers this only sparingly, we’re going to go into a bit more detail. z Specifically: z Transistors z Logic gates z z Flip-Flops z Memory 4 Transistor: Building Block of Computers z Microprocessors contain millions of transistors z Intel Pentium 4 (2000): 48 million z IBM PowerPC 750FX (2002): 38 million z IBM/Apple PowerPC G5 (2003): 58 million z Logically, each transistor acts as a switch z Combined to implement logic functions z AND, OR, NOT z Combined to build higher-level structures z Adder, multiplexer, decoder, register, … z Combined to build processor
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2 5 Simple Switch Circuit z Switch open : z No current through circuit z Light is off z V out is +2.9V z Switch closed : z Short circuit across switch z Current flows z Light is on z V out is 0V Switch-based circuits can easily represent two states: on/off, open/closed, voltage/no voltage. 6 n-type MOS Transistor z MOS = Metal Oxide Semiconductor z two types: n-type and p-type z n-type z when Gate has positive voltage, short circuit between #1 and #2 (switch closed ) z when Gate has zero voltage,
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W8-four-Digital Logic - CS211 Computer Architecture Class...

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