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Discussion Question 1 - purpose is to own and operate the...

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I interviewed my executive director at work who I consider a friend. He went into great detail about the company and how accounting plays a major role. I summarized my interview questions to share with the class regarding the information and details about the company, which is Bone & Joint Surgeons, Inc. There are two entities. Bone & Joint Surgeons, Inc., which focuses on the practice of medicine. It is organized under the incorporation laws of West Virginia. The Managing Director is Dr. Adkins, with Dr. Legg as its Secretary and Drs. Castle and Pierson as other Directors. There is also Bone & Joint, LLC, a professional limited liability company, which sole
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Unformatted text preview: purpose is to own and operate the building. The four equity owners of the Inc. are the partners in the LLC. Through its Executive Director, Mark Nelson, all financial decisions are made with his recommendations. He is solely responsible for all financial decisions with Board approval. Their accounting function is key to manage all day to day and longer term strategic business decisions. Accounting, billing, cash flow, reimbursement measures and A/R and A/P are key to all essential practice functions....
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