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Unformatted text preview: The Atlantic Vessel A name devised to describe the ships from the late 15th and earlymid 16th centuries. Concept introduced in 1989 All had Iberian associations. They shared certain constructional characteristics. The name denote Atlantic capabilities. Purpose To establish a typological framework To list the characteristics of the typology To engender interest and support to expand it To distinguish between nao and caravel Limitations The typology applied only to the hull Mostly due to limited remains Did not apply to design features Did not include artifactual material 1989 7 wrecks , 4 in New World 1998 15 wrecks, 7 in New World San Juan, Red Bay, Labrador Highborne Cay Wreck, Exumas, Bahamas Molasses Reef Wreck, Turks and Caicos Is. Emanual Point Wreck, Pensacola Fla. Western Ledge Wreck, Bermuda St. John, Bahamas Wreck Padre Island Wreck (1554 Fleet), Texas Traits Preassembled Frames Sternpost scarphed to Keel knee Single stern Deadwood knee Presence of Ytimbers tabbed to deadwood Keelson notched over floors Maststep as part of keelson Buttresses and stringers Ceiling/filler planks Rigging chain assemblies Flat transom Planking nail/Treenail ratio ...
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