Watts Western Ledge - laeo)ogy Lr, .- NW I 7DX, The...

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laeo)ogy Lr, ...- NW I 7DX, ,a1 Road, London )f Nautical Archae- ark) Nic Flemming my Green (Western 1 La very (National nstitute of Maritime ute of Archaeology, cs and Archaeology, ; Gerhard Kapitan 'publication of the results. lting and conservation; to 'lection of the underwater to bring together all those es: conferences, symposia, - £28.00 £30.00 £1200 £20.00 £8.00 1993. published quarterly age: £74 UK and Europe; ould be sent to Academic ddress to the publisher at 1003, USA :AL ARCHAEOLOGY, y recently was invariably a discussion on the wreck l of a paper in this journal )r the personal or internal 'y the stated per-copy fee permilted by Sections 107 r general distribution, for l copies outside the USA. The In/emotional Journal ofNautical Archaeology (1993) 22.2: 103-124 The Western Ledge Reef wreck: a preliminary report on investigation of the remains a 16th-century shipwreck in Bermuda Gordon P. Watts, Jr Program in Maritime History and Underwater Research, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina 27834, USA In September 1988 archaeologists and students from the Program in Maritime History and Underwater Research at East Carolina University (PMHUR) identified the remains ofan early shipwreck during a survey of the Western Ledge Reefs carried out for the Bermuda Maritime Museum (BMM). Structural material exposed at the wreck site proved to be a section of lower hull containing the keel, hull planking, frames, and a portion of the keelson that included a mast-step. In order to recover the archaeological record preserved at the site, the BMM applied for, and received, a licence from the Receiver ofWreck. As work at the site intensified, a prior claim to the wreck was discovered Discovery of that claim ultimately led to a co-operative agreement between Brian Malpas, Donald Canton and the BMM that permitted on-site investigation to continue. During 1989 and 1990, the site was excava ted by the Museum's underwater archaeological staff, the staffand students of the PMHUR and volunteers. In 1990, a comprehensive in situ map of the hull remains was completed and in accordance with the terms of an agreement between Malpas and Canton and the BM M, a team ofarchaeologists, students and volunteers raised the remains of the Western Ledge shipwreck in August 1991. Each recovered element of the wreck was transported to storage facilities at the museum and catalogued, cleaned. recorded and documented using techniques developed to record the Red Bay galleon. That work was completed in the autumn of 1991 and on 31st October 1991 the wreck structure was donated to the museum for study and possible display Introduction taking particular care to avoid the Bermuda The islands of Bermuda lie off the North reefs, nature and human error conspired to American coast approximately 1000 kIn (650 wreck a variety of early vessels. Historical miles) east of Cape Hatteras. The archipelago research confirms that in the 16th century at was identified early in the 16th century as least ten vessels were lost in Bermudan waters European explorers made their way back across (Bream, pers. comm. 1991).
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Watts Western Ledge - laeo)ogy Lr, .- NW I 7DX, The...

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