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Dou 1 Rong Dou Ms. Summer College English 12 13 May 2009 U.S government has made a low to control young people from drinking alcohol. It states that people who under 21 years old is not allowed to buy or drink any alcohol. However, underage drinking is still a big problem in United States. This makes me wonder why the U.S government made such low. I agree with it because young people should not drink alcohol, as a teenager, they are still growing. It is bad for their health and they are too young to control themselves. Below are the disadvantages of underage drinking. Early drinking may cause gastrorrhagia or pancreatitis. Alcohol metabolism through the liver, too much drinking would cause hepatitis, cirrhosis or even liver cancer. Drinking alcohol will also make people dizzy, in severe cases, unconsciousness and slow thinking. Young people are still in the period of growth and development, too much drinking may also cause anemia, muscle weakness and affect the sexual development. Young people drinking can lead to death, accidents, murder and suicide. Teenagers are still young, insufficient self-control, drinking without restraint. After drinking alcohol, about 20% alcohol immediately absorbed in the stomach, the rest are absorbed by the small intestine. The alcohol which absorbed in the Dou 2
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blood, in addition to very few by the sweat, urine, saliva and respiratory 2 discharges, 90% have to go through the liver detoxification. However, the capacity of the liver detoxification is limited, therefore the organization of organs and various systems will be subject to alcohol poisoning. The most serious injury of drinking alcohol is on the central nervous system.
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underage drinking - Dou 1 Rong Dou Ms Summer College May...

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