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hh104companalysis - ready for transport to Cuba from Tampa...

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Bogdan 1 Whether out of a true sense of empathy for the injustices suffered by Cuba from 1895- 1898 at the hands of their Spanish overlords or a hidden reason of imperialistic, the United States declared war on Spain starting the Spanish-American War on April 25 th , 1898. For years, America had remained neutral towards Spanish involvement in Cuba, but due to the gasoline thrown onto the unstable emotions of the American people by rampant yellow journalism after the destruction of the USS Maine in a huge explosion, the country demanded immediate action. Immediately, the United States military began to mobilize its forces and in two months was
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Unformatted text preview: ready for transport to Cuba from Tampa, Florida. Arriving between June 22 nd and June 24 th at the port cities of Daiquiri and Siboney east of Santiago, General Shafter, officer-in-charge of the American V Corps, looked to set up a base of operations before moving on Santiago to General Linares’ army and Admiral Cervera’s fleet located there. As the Americans began to advance toward Santiago, they ran into little resistance outside of the Battle of Las Guasimas where the head of the advancing American columns was effectively ambushed by Spanish soldiers. Bogdan 2...
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