Quantitiave Anaylsis

Quantitiave Anaylsis - Case study Case 1. Mouse Strains

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Case study 1 Case 1. Mouse Strains http://phenome.jax.org Tordoff MG, Bachmanov AA. Survey of calcium & sodium intake and metabolism with bone and body composition data Project symbol: Tordoff3 Accession number: MPD:103 The body weight and composition of ~10 male and ~10 female mice from 40 inbred strains were measured. Body composition was assessed in ~16-wk old mice that had been individually housed and fed a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet (AIN-76A) for the previous 8 wk. Carcass lean and fat weights were assessed using a PIXIMus II DEXA and confirmed by fat extraction assay. Variable Description ID mouse ID Strain mouse strain Sex mouse sex Starting age age of a mouse when experiment began, days Ending age age of a mouse when experiment ended, days Starting weight starting weight of a mouse, g Ending weight ending weight of a mouse, g Weight change weight change Bleeding time time of the bleeding, after damaging tail Ionized Ca in blood Concentration of ionized Ca in blood Blood pH pH of blood Bone mineral density the density of bones Lean tissues weight the weight of lean tissue Fat weight the weight of fat tissue The data are in mice.xls Report Use the tabular and graphical methods of descriptive statistics to help researchers understand the results. Your report should include the following. 1. Pie chart showing the sex composition, bar chart showing the number of mice per strain 2. Descriptive statistics for ending age , ending weight , weight change , bleeding time 3. Are there any outliers in these variables? 4. Scatter diagram between ending weight and fat and lean tissue weights . Comment finding. 5. Compare the mean ending weight and weight change for male and female populations. Build box plots. Can you make any conclusions? 6. Provide the interval estimations for
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Quantitiave Anaylsis - Case study Case 1. Mouse Strains

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