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1) What claims are being made? The claims I saw in this news story were: “the Redskins were banged up coming into the game”, the “Panthers never stopped fighting”. The author stated that he felt like “the Panthers were still in control even when down by 15 points”. Another claim was when the author stated “Delhomme showed grit, toughness, and a will to win”. He also stated “Jake is the guy for the Panthers”. The last claim I saw was when the author stated “Carolina will be favored in their next game, and likely 2”. 2) Do the claims conflict with your personal observations? Why or why not? No, I don’t think these claims conflict with my personal observations. In my opinion all of these claims are true. 3) What background information do you have about the claims? The claim “The Panthers never stopped fighting”, the background information I have is that they
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