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All is not well in our community

All is not well in our community - All is not well in our...

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All is not well in our community” Over the past year our peaceful community has been plague by unknown and unexplained illness. We have all witness numerous illnesses from our children and love ones that have either resulted in numerous doctors’ appt or even hospitalization. My own personal family has been affected which has sparked an investigation that I have spear headed to find out what is really affecting our peaceful community. After witnessing several children display symptom of shortness of breath and ongoing coughing episodes that were very hacky and often lead in pneumonia or severe bronchitis I was very much determine to get to the bottom of this. My first question was is it possible for a large group of people to all display the same symptom and not have the same connection in what cause the illness. There answer is NO….after several visit to hospital and doctors offices and numerous interviews with physician, concerned parents and even those who are suffering the illness. My investigations lead me to source that I was hoping could
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