Meem 6015 hw1 - MEEM 6015 Supply Chain Management Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: MEEM 6015 Supply Chain Management Spring 2011 Homework 1: The Practice of Supply Chain Management Due: One article due on January 28. One extra article due on February 11 for bonus points of 50. 100 points. Supply chain management (SCM) is a field that is grounded in practice. In this course we will study many mathematical models that aid in making SCM decisions. Unfortunately, though, SCM decision environments are often much more complex than the scenarios under which these models were developed. Consequently, it is important to understand how companies are using the models and concepts we will discuss in class in order to streamline their supply chains. The following set of articles each highlight one company’s exciting, cutting-edge efforts that have resulted in operational improvement and cost savings. Assignment Read one of the following articles and write a summary that addresses, at least, the questions and points listed below the article. These articles were chosen from varied industries so that everyone can hopefully find two articles that interest him or her. Obtaining the Articles Each of these articles is available electronically (in either .pdf or .html form) via the library or the library’s site, (find the journal in the “E-Journals” section. Guidelines Your summary should be approximately 2 pages long single spaced, use between a 10 point and 12 point font, and have margins between 0.5 in. and 1.0 in. You should clearly state which article you are summarizing in the introductory paragraph. Any additional referencesare summarizing in the introductory paragraph....
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Meem 6015 hw1 - MEEM 6015 Supply Chain Management Spring...

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