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Term Paper Outline

Term Paper Outline - VI Creative Commons a Description b...

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Jordan Rawls 1/3/11 Professor Tuncer Cyber Self Defense Term Paper Outline I. Intro. II. What Is File Sharing a. Description b. History c. Real Life Experience III. Laws For File Sharing a. What is Copyright b. Exceptions of It c. History IV. Peer To Peer File Sharing and Copyright Law a. What is P2P b. What’s The Risks c. Real Life Experience V. General Public License a. Freedom 1 b. Freedom 2 c. Freedom 3 d. Freedom 4
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Unformatted text preview: VI. Creative Commons a. Description b. Some Rights c. Additional Information VII. RIT and Their Laws and Corporation With Copyright Laws a. Familiarize Readers With Existing Laws For Copyright b. Further information regarding to illegal file sharing * Topic and subtopics are subject to change during actual Term Paper Write Up....
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