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Outline 2010 - Intro to Economic Analysis Alberto Bisin NYU...

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Intro to Economic Analysis Alberto Bisin - NYU 1 General information 1.1 Location and times Classes (Alberto Bisin): Mondays and Wednesdays 11:00-12:15, Silver Center Building, Room 401, 100 Washington Square East. Labs (Luke Geldermans): Wednesdays 2:00-3:15, 19 West 4th, Room 102; Fridays 11:00-12:15, Good, Room B06. 1.2 Contact information Alberto Bisin: O¢ ce: 19 West 4th Street, # 506 (5 th Fl) Phone: (212) 998-8916 E-mail: [email protected] Web page: http://www.nyu.edu/econ/user/bisina Luke Geldermans O¢ ce: 19 West 4th Street, # 821 (8 th Fl). Phone: (212) 992-9775 E-mail: [email protected] 1.3 Online support The course has a Blackboard page, which is kept by the T.A. . useful material: http://www.nyu.edu/econ/user/bisina/teaching.html 1.4 Goal Introduction to Economic Analysis is the introductory course of the theory con- centration major in Economics. It is intended for students who wish to begin their formal study of economic reasoning. Its goal is to develop concepts and analytical tools that economists use to understand general social and economic phenomena. As such it relies on a higher level of abstraction and focuses on the 1
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concepts and the techniques of economic analysis rather than on the understand- for those who are interested in pursuing careers or higher degrees in economics 1.5 Readings There is no main book for this course. You will hate this, but there is no way out. There is no book which covers the material of the course with draft of a book I am developing from the notes to this course is available on my webpage. Also, handouts will be provided for each class. The following books might be useful at times. C. Simon and L. Blume, Mathematics for Economists , Norton, New York, 1994. A. Schotter, Microeconomics: A Modern Approach, Addison Wesley Long- man, New York, 2000. H. Varian, Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach, Norton, New York, 1999. R.P. McAfee and T. Lewis, Introduction to Economic Analysis , Flatworld Knowledge, 2008. M. Osborne, An Introduction to Game Theory , Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2004. K. Binmore, Fun and Games: A Text on Game Theory , D. C. Heath and Company, Lexington, MA, 1992. H. Gintis, Game Theory Evolving, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2009. R.E. Wright and V. Quadrini,
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Outline 2010 - Intro to Economic Analysis Alberto Bisin NYU...

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