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v43-f10finals - V63.0343 Algebra 1 Fall 2010 Final Exam...

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V63.0343 Algebra 1, Fall 2010 Final Exam: Takehome Portion Your Name N-Number This exam will be due at the time of the final exam, which will be held Tuesday, December 21 , Room 312 Warren Weaver (tentative location) The final exam will be open book, open notes, etc. For proofs in this Takehome Exam you can use results from the Notes , text, prior quizzes, and problem sets, but any major results used should be cited explicitly. You solutions should include enough detail that I can understand what you are doing and whether it is correct; if I can’t understand it, I can’t give full credit. I suggest you write up a preliminary draft of each proof and edit it for readability before writing our your solutions on these pages. You may attach extra pages if needed, but be sure to write your name on each page you attach. Although working in study groups has been encouraged during the term, your work on this exam is to be your own Problem 1. 12 points Problem 2. 12 points Problem 3. 12 points Problem 4. 12 points Problem 5. 15 points Problem 6. 12 points Problem 7. 15 points Totals: 1
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Problem 1.
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