Stages of Ego Development

Stages of Ego Development - established during this stage...

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Loveinger’s Stages of Ego Development Infancy: This stage is distinguished as non-verbal. Communication for the assessment is non-verbal. Impulsive: This stage differentiates itself by bodily feelings and need. Manifestations of reactions to reward, restraint or punishment are all part of this stage. Self-protective: During this stage, the first elements of self-control are demonstrated. Manipulation and wariness also can emerge at this stage. Reward and punishment can be anticipated during this stage. This also translates into the individual putting the blame on to another. Conformist: Approval seeking is exhibited during this stage. Social acceptance and physical appearance are considered valuable during this phase. Conscientious-conformist: Approval seeking becomes less important. One’s own processes and mind come to awareness here. This includes an awareness of values and personal feelings. Conscientious: A strong sense of identity as being separate from a group becomes
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Unformatted text preview: established during this stage. Goal setting and actively evaluating right and wrong are also characteristics of this stage. • Individualistic: During this stage, the inner self is manifested and recognized. Inner conflicts between the vision of the aware self and the outer world can emerge during this stage. • Autonomous: Inner conflicts usually characterize this stage whenever what the individual desires is not what they know they should do. During this stage, self-fulfillment can be seen to manifest. • Integrated: It is common during this stage that self-actualization becomes manifested. Here the individual has genuinely developed and come to terms with his or her own real identity. References: McAdams, Dan (2006). The Person: A New Introduction to Personality Psychology (4 th ed.). Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc....
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Stages of Ego Development - established during this stage...

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