PSY 230 CheckPoint Personal Constructs

PSY 230 CheckPoint Personal Constructs - In my own life two...

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Personal constructs indicates that every person’s motivations are based in the reinforcement of their basis needs. The concept encompasses all needs of a physical and personal nature, including personal goals, aggressive and sexual urges and the individual’s striving for self-actualization. Our motivations are set by our responses to being alive. (McAdams, 2006). As curious, imaginative beings, we are striving to see order in our environment and in our own lives. We create personal constructs in response to this striving to understand anything that is important to us. These constructs allow us to put order to things that are familiar to us, as well as to those things we seek. It helps to give us a framework for our relation to our world. The constructs can be termed our version of reality, since they are actually our own perspective of our Selves, our environment and our circumstances.
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Unformatted text preview: In my own life, two personal constructs that carry great weight for me are loyalty and integrity. I gravitate toward other people who engage in activities that embody these values and who hold these values in their own personal constructs. Accordingly, I see to avoid circumstances and individuals who do not demonstrate these qualities. Our personal constructs greatly influence our responses and actions to the situations that we move in each day. Our construct acts as a framework in which we can compare past experiences with current ones. We can review the elements of each and then reach a decision to act based on our consideration of the similarities, differences and possible consequences. References McAdams, Dan (2006). The person a new introduction to personality psychology (4th ed.). Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ....
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PSY 230 CheckPoint Personal Constructs - In my own life two...

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