PSY 230 Assignment Motivation Evaluation

PSY 230 Assignment Motivation Evaluation - For this...

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For this assignment, I will examine Lindsey Lohan and her complete disrespect for following the rules and understanding that there are repercussions for committing crimes. She also chose to continue this behavior after being ordered by the court to comply with the law on these matters. I can state her reasons for doing so without agreeing with them. I would say that she chose to do this on her subconscious psychoanalytic motivation of wanting her fame to protect her. On the surface, this would contradict her actions, since driving without a child seat is endangerment. However, when examining the circumstances leading to the offenses, it comes out that the paparazzi surrounded her and her children in what she felt was a harassing way. She says she felt that both she and her children were in possible danger. She had full knowledge both consciously and preconsciously that her actions would be noticed and
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