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My Experience - over again after she was born I would no...

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MY EXPERIENCE Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following: Do you think this event changed your personality? If it has changed your personality, how has your personality been changed? If the event has not changed your personality, why not? How much of your personality do you think has been determined by environmental influence vs. genetic influence? The event that changed my life happened on June 2, 2004 when I had my daughter. Actually the change most likely started to take progress once I found out I was pregnant, but after the birth of my daughter my life would change forever. She came into my life and literally made me realize the important things in life. Those simple things in life that would normally stress me were not a burden to me, because I wanted to focus on rearing this beautiful little girl who I grew to love before she was born and fell in love with her all
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Unformatted text preview: over again after she was born. I would no longer be looking at life as an individual but as a mother who has the responsibility to shape this little girl into the greatest woman she can be. Giving birth to my daughter did change my personality, it made me become a better person, it allowed me to experience a level of unconditional love that I never knew, and it allowed me to show emotions with her that I would most likely be afraid to show around others. I believe majority of my personality has been determined by my genetic influence as opposed to environmental influence. Environment changes so much that if we allow that to be the basis of our personality we would be labeled split personality in the psychology world....
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