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Character Evaluation - WEEK4 Assignment: Character...

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WEEK4 Assignment: Character Evaluation E Due Date: Day 7 [ Individual ] forum E Think about a character from one of your favorite films, fictitious or biographical. E Write a 350- to 700-word paper that describes the character’s personality in terms of the five trait clusters. E Provide specific examples of how these personality characteristics affect the character’s choices. Cite the film you used as a reference. E Follow APA guidelines. E Post your completed paper as an attachment. Extraversion Neuroticism Openness to Experience Conscientiousness and Agreeableness The character I chose was Mike Myers as Shrek from the movie Shrek. Shrek’s character is on the bottom end of the extraversion spectrum. It is not until he meets Donkey that he shows any signs of being capable of changing. He is completely mesmerized when he meets Princess Fiona which prompts a life changing thought. Shrek is a character that likes to keep to him-self. He uses his rough exterior to keep spectators and visitors away. It was amazing to see Shrek shift from
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Character Evaluation - WEEK4 Assignment: Character...

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