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The Clusters - person A lot of people call me a goody too...

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1. CheckPoint: The Clusters Resource: The Person Select three of the five clusters. Explain , in 200 to 300 words where you think you fall within the spectrum of each of the five clusters, where do you think your personality fits overall? Submit this assignment by posting your assignment as an attachment to the Assignment section of eCampus. Of the first of these clusters I think I fall somewhere in the middle of the extraversion scale. I am very sociable, but I also love to have my quiet time. I love having the attention of other people, but being home with a good book or a great movie is a day I long for. In the second group of clusters I fall nowhere near neuroticism. I am what people call a “happy go lucky”
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Unformatted text preview: person. A lot of people call me a goody too shoe because I don’t let most things bother or stress me out and others call me stuck up. I am not an optimist or a pessimist I see the glass neither half empty or half full, I see water in the glass. I am very opened to trying new things, so I think I break the sale on this. I love learning new things and gaining new experiences just from the enjoyment of life. I am a very good critical thinker, making sure I hear all arguments and not giving biased judgment I love learning and sometimes I wish that degrees did not define what we were capable of being able to do. I know I have enough information within me to do a lot of great things....
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