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Interactoinism - soul” This means the child shows traits...

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Culture persuades a person’s characteristics to an immense level. Our character imitates our culture. Culture is our historical legacy accomplished from our parents before us. I believe that culture most of the times determine most of our actions and our reactions. Because culture is learned behavior our actions and behavior become learned. There are times I do things and I have heard family say do you know your grandmother used to do that same thing or we have been doing that for a long time. Are these cultural acts imbedded in us? There is an old expression that is used when talking about little children that do certain things, “you’re an old
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Unformatted text preview: soul”. This means the child shows traits of family of previous generations. I believe a person’s reactions to something is a result of as both separate from social experience and a result of social experience. A person can go through something or placed in a situation that they have never been in before (separate) and can react the same as the person who had the social experience. I believe behavioral disposition is the trait I agree with the most. I believe that traits are the inclinations to operate, imagine, or be aware of in reliable ways that work together with outer persuasions....
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