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essay 1 socil strat 2 - Hervey Liu October 28th 2010...

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Hervey Liu October 28 th 2010 Dr.Brenda Moore Social Stratification, Tue,Thurs, 2-3 I am answering question one 1. According to Kerbo and others, there are several strict requirements for social, political and educational conduct that a family must meet in order to become and remain part of the official upper class. Specify and define two requirements of upper class status and a. State why they are important to obtaining and maintaining upper class status. b. Indicate how nonconformity to the “rules” of the upper class lifestyle can result in loss of upper class status. The requirements for upper class status is very hard to achieve, this is in part to keep the exclusivity and the secrecy of the upper class from the masses. By keeping the powerful few a secret, the upper class can influence and set forth national and transnational policies unknownling for the majority of Americans. One requirement for the upper class is the need for the upper class to be descended from successful people, quote E. Digby Baltzell (1958:7) “The upper class concept refers to a group of families, whose members are descendants of successful individuals of one,two,three or more generations” The upper class thus must be people who are not only rich, but people who tend to be born and bought up rich, being influenced by upper class culture and way of life will maintain a firm group solidarity as “they will be bought up as friends, are intermarried and keep the distinctive lifestyle within themselves that set them part of the rest of the population”, (E. Digby Baltzell) This requirement is further enforced when one observes the way the upper class achieves the class consciousness and group unity that helps unite roughly one million Americans scattered across the nation. The importance of the upper class is the way one behaves and who one knows, these connections and behaviors are learned not as much as one would learn science or history, but rather be bought up in the culture of exclusive schools, country clubs, and parties. “Underlying the American upper class is a set of social institutions which are its backbone- private schools, elite summer resorts, charitable and cultural organizations, and such recreational activities as foxhunts, polo matches, and yachting.” (Domhoff) (1967:16)
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This conformity is needed to achieve class unity and as a result of that, one of the requirements for being upper class is being bought up and raised in this culture and attending and behaving in the right venues and right institutions. This is why a requirement for upper class membership has to be descended from money/success, and they have to conform their lifestyle and their children to the standards of upper class membership. Another reason for the need for a 2
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essay 1 socil strat 2 - Hervey Liu October 28th 2010...

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