MGT466 Deresky chapter 5 study guide outline

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MGT 466 International Management Chapter 5 Topics, Vocabulary, and Models of International Management Vocabulary terms: Negotiation Nemawashi (nontask sounding) Instrument-oriented conflict Expressive-oriented conflict Ringi “Saving face” – lien v. mien-tzu 1. Stages of negotiation a. Preparation b. Relationship building c. Exchange of task-related information d. Persuasion e. Concession and agreement 2. Cross-cultural negotiating styles: a. Japanese b. US c. Latin American (Brazilian) 3. Characteristics of successful negotiators in different cultures
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Unformatted text preview: a. US b. Indian c. Arab d. Swedish e. Italian f. China – see Comparative Management in Focus (p. 167) 4. Decision Making & Culture a. Objective v. subjective definition of problems. b. Risk tolerance levels c. Locus of control – philosophies on managing chain. d. Attitudes on uncertainty – try something new or use tried and true methods. e. Cost-benefit v. moral idealism f. Autocratic v. participative g. Speed and pace of decisions...
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