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MGT466 syllabus W2011 rev 2-6-11

MGT466 syllabus W2011 rev 2-6-11 - Revised MGT 466...

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Revised 2-8-11 MGT 466 INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT AND MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS Winter 2011 MGT 466-1 : Meets Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-12:45 PM 316 Eberhard Center MGT 466-2 : Meets Tuesday & Thursday 2:30-3:45 PM 203E DEV Instructor: Dr. Paul Mudde Office: 413C DeVos Hall, Grand Rapids 49504 Office Phone: 331-7443 Office Hours: 4:00 – 5:00 pm T and 1:00 – 2:00 TH and by appointment Fax: 331-7445 Email: [email protected] ABOUT THIS COURSE This course explores how firms become global and compete in the global marketplace. Many companies find they can't compete if they limit their sales to the home market. Therefore, selling internationally may be a sensible step. This course looks at how international forces affect firms’ ability to conduct business across borders. The course also looks at the knowledge and skills managers need to do business in and to work with people from other cultures. The basic premise is that international business dealings will be more successful if business people understand, and have the skills to resolve, management problems that arise as people from different cultures interact. Required Text : Internation al Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures , 6 th Ed., by Helen Deresky (2008). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Suggested Newspapers : Financial Times , New York Times , Wall Street Journal , The Economist . You can subscribe at special student rates by going to the respective websites. BlackBoard page set up for MGT 466. Contains course information, assignments, announcements, e-Reserve links, and items of interest. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To examine why and how firms do business internationally, and to explore the complexities of managing firms involved in international business. 2. To develop your ability to link ideas about globalization to managing organizations as they do business internationally. 3. To familiarize you with situations and issues that managers may confront when working internationally. 4. To practice your ability to identify and address global business problems. STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE: You are responsible for reading the assigned textbook material and recent issues of the newspaper before each class. During each class we will discuss concepts and frameworks of international management related to the assigned chapters. Each chapter has a short case within it, so we will often discuss the case in class, relate it to concepts of IM and form some conclusions. Students will make Current Issues reports to the class each class meeting. Again, you are expected read all assigned material before class so you can discuss the material, raise points, ask and answer questions. Assignments will be scored as follows: Assignments Points Percentage One Current Issue Report 40 8% Quizzes 160 32% Mid Term Exam 100 20% Late Term Exam 100 20% Integrative Term Project  100 20% Class contribution/discussion (extra  40 8% 1
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Revised 2-8-11 credit) Total Points 500 100% 2
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