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Wall street warms to China discussion questions WSJ 1-2-11

Wall street warms to China discussion questions WSJ 1-2-11...

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MGT466 International Management & Multinational Corporations Discussion Questions “Wall Street Warms to China Story” 1. What are the reasons mentioned in the article that Wall Street is interested in China? 2. What is an IPO? 3. How does China represent opportunities and threats to the U.S. economy? 4. What does the strategy identified as “Shake Hands with China” mean?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. How are the conditions in China similar to the U.S. markets prior to the “great recession? 6. What are the reasons some private equity firms are squeamish about investing in Chinese companies? 7. How is eastern China different than western China? Does the article raise any questions for you?...
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