ADMS2610-Session10-Ch33 - ADMS2610 Session 10 Chapter 33(pg...

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Unformatted text preview: ADMS2610 Session 10 Chapter 33 (pg. 640-653) Restrictive Trade Practices Purpose of Restrictive Trade Practices- Maintain free competition - Forces of competition and the free market should regulate industry rather than the government o Control those activities that restrict or interfere with competition - Originally governed by the common law o Restraints of trade which were unreasonable or contrary to public interest were actionable at law- Competition Act o Most of the control of anti-competitive activity is found within this act o General Purpose: Prohibits combinations or conspiracies that prevent or lessen competition Reviews mergers or monopoly actions that may operate to the detriment of the public Establishes unfair business practices Nature of the Legislation - Nature o Blend of criminal and administrative approaches Some practices prohibit and subject to criminal proceedings Some practices subject to review and control o Civil remedies For those injured by such practices which are prohibited - Investigation o Commissioner of Competition Investigates complaints • Wide powers of search and seizure • Right to compel information - Comp etition Tribunal o Part of e nforce m e nt process o Lay m e m b ers a nd federal court judges o Can issue orders, with force of a judg m ent of a court o Can investigate and review certain business practices o Must m ake inquiry first Restrictive Trade Practices- Application of the Act o Applies to goods and s ervices o Exe mptions exist:...
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ADMS2610-Session10-Ch33 - ADMS2610 Session 10 Chapter 33(pg...

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