ADMS2610-Session11-Ch27 - ADMS2610 Session 11 Chapter 27...

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Unformatted text preview: ADMS2610 Session 11 Chapter 27 (pg. 517-520, 524-536) Patent - exclusive right granted to the inventor of something new and different to produce the invention for a period of 20 years in return for the disclosure of the invention to the public o industrial property – encourage new inventions- Historical Development o Early forms from English guilds o Blend of procedural aspects of USA patent law but retained the common law interpretations and expression of patent rights- Patent Act o Patents apply to inventions which are: (1) New – not invented before (2) Useful – not a mere idea, actually works • can be reproduced by someone “skilled in the art” (3) Unobvious • not next logical step o Four Classes (1) A machine (multiple interactive parts) (2) A process (method of manufacture or achieving result) (3) An article of manufacture (useful device) (4) Composition of material (a formulation) Trademark - a m ark to distinguish th e goods or s ervices of one p erson from th e goods an d s ervices of oth ers o protect m arks and prev ent un authorized us e- Characteristics o Includes trad e m arks and trad e n a m es o Protection of goodwill and preventing p assing off- Historical Develop m ent o Long history d ating b ack to Babylon o Various a m e nd m ents in Canad a over th e years Now includes certification m arks a nd importation of trad e m arked goods- Trade m ark Act o Federal – governs us e of trad e m arks and trad e n a m es in Can ad a Provides types of m arks and procedure for registration o Trade m arks – m arks can b e registered which are: Not d escriptive In us e by anoth er prior us er...
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ADMS2610-Session11-Ch27 - ADMS2610 Session 11 Chapter 27...

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