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ECE433, Homework 2 Due: March. 4, 2011 1) A flyback converter is to be designed for an isolated computer laptop automotive charger. The input voltage ranges from g ² 11g ³´ 18g and the output voltage is to be regulated at g µ¶· ² 16g and the switching frequency is ¸ ¹º ² 50»¼½ . Nominal load is 4A and the unit must meet requirements down to 10% of nominal load. (a) Choose a turn ratio for the transformer to meet the requirements. What is the range of the duty cycle? (b) Find L and C values that yield less than 1% peak-to-peak output ripple. (c) Plot the input current as a function of time for V ¾¿ ² 15V at full load. 2) A Cuk converter has an input voltage of g ² 12g , D=0.5, À Á ² 2¼ , À à ² 1¼ , Ä Á ² Ä Ã ² 25ÅÆ , Ç ² 12Ω , and ¸ ¹º ² 25»¼½
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Unformatted text preview: . Plot the waveforms of all components under this load condition. 3) Design a buck-boost converter to supply a load of 100W at 50V from a 25V source. The output ripple must be no more than 1% with a switching frequency of ¸ ¹º ² 100»¼ . Specifiy inductor size and capacitor size. Sketch the voltage and current waveforms over an entire switching cycle. 4) Analyze the Isolated SEPIC of Fig.1.For analysis, assume the converter operates in CCM. a) Derive expressions for the dc components of the magnetizing current, inductor current, load current, and capacitor voltages. b) Draw the voltage and current waveforms of all of the components and express the maximum voltage and current for transistor and diode current and voltage. Fig. 1...
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