lec1 - ECE 311 Lecture 1 What is Electromagnetics Quiz 1...

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ECE 311 - Lecture 1 - What is Electromagnetics? Quiz 1 - Write down examples of electromagnetics or electromagnetic applications that are currently around us. Some examples that are all around us: Light from a Projector – simple example of electromagnetics – Optics Words on the syllabus that I passed out - Ink Jet Printer – words written by deflection of ink droplets in electrostatic fields Static charge, bad hair days, wrinkled clothes, dog hair that I can’t get off of my pants. Wireless Lan – Electromagnetic waves transferred from moving electrons in an Antenna to air. Electrons moving on one antenna move electrons on another antenna. The electron moving another electron from one antenna to another.
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Other Electromagnetic Examples of Interest: Nasa Voyager Satellite – Even more impressive. 15.7 billion kilometers   away   and still  communicating .  A signal traveling at the speed of light towards  Voyager-1, takes about  12 hours and 39 minutes , to reach Voyager- 1's receiver (and vice versa).  Yet electrons moving on the face of the  dish antenna are detected on earth. Circuits from ECE 201 – All circuit relationships are subsets of Maxwell’s Equations (The equations that describe electromagnetics that you will learn in this class). Microwaving your food. High power signals in a cavity cause vibration in the water molecule’s within the food. These vibrations in the water cause the food heat up. Go To
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lec1 - ECE 311 Lecture 1 What is Electromagnetics Quiz 1...

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