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ECE 305 Homework #1 Due Friday January 22 Problem 1: For the alloy Al 0.4 Ga 0.6 As, what percentage of the atoms are Ga? What percentage of the atoms are As? Problem 2: List all the equivalent {110} planes in the cubic lattice. Problem 3: In the Ge lattice, what are the Miller indices of the directions perpendicular to the (110) and (111) planes? Do you notice anything interesting about the Miller indices for a plane and a direction perpendicular to that plane?
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 4: The lattice constant of silicon is a = 0.543 nm. Determine the number of Si atoms/cm 3 . Problem 5: The lattice constant of GaAs is a = 0.565 nm. Determine the number of Ga atoms/cm 3 , the number of As atoms/ cm 3 and the total number of atoms/cm 3 . Problem 6: What line in the hydrogen spectrum (what wavelength) would be represented by an electron transitioning between the n=2 and n=1 orbits?...
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