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Gring 1 Gring, Kyle WRT 150-39 14 Jan 2008 Fuel You Can Drink and Drive Imagine any other typical morning where you have to roll out of bed and get into the shower. The faucet gets turned on and you hop in, ready to be woken up by the hot water. You stick your head under the nozzle and you begin to rub your body in soap until you realize you are showering in your car’s fuel. The stuff pours down your face and you keep scrubbing behind your ears like your mother always says. You wouldn’t smell too fresh if it was regular old fossil fuels, but you are showering in the car of the future’s fuel, H 2 0. It is pretty easy to become intrigued by Hydrogen fuel cell cars that only run on water because the hype is everywhere. It’s at the Detroit Auto Show and even in little kid’s remote control cars. I really wanted to find out the truth about hydrogen cars and whether or not I could really have a super soaker fight with my car’s fuel, so I decided to write my response essay on Barry Lynn’s article, “Hydrogen’s Dirty Secret.” I first wanted to see why the entire nation is excited about the idea of the hydrogen economy. What I found out was alarming and in an article the author states that, “At the current rate, the world population is projected to grow from the current 6 billion to 14 billion by 2020.” This means that there will be 8 billion more people driving cars and 8 billion more people using up the already low amounts of energy sources we have today. This sudden increase in the world population will all happen in a matter of 12 years and our resources will not be able to sustain the spike in usage. Some experts even
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Gring 2 go as far as to say that, “ there is only 30 years of petroleum-based fuels left on this planet.” For instance it is like the earth having a small get together with some people get turned into a huge party where there is not enough chips and dip to go around. Global warming and smog seem like a problem now but it will get exponetionally worse unless something happens. A lot is riding on the hydrogen economy and I wanted to find out if it could withstand the pressure. In a recent article author Michael Berger states, “According to the U.S department
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Hydrogen[2] - Gring 1 Gring Kyle WRT 150-39 14 Jan 2008...

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