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Boss University GHS Law Firm Seminar December 12, 2008 In a very special event Kg and Sons law firm has so graciously volunteered their time to conduct a seminar on how students use the intellectual property of others. This once in a lifetime seminar is going to be held at the Kyle Gring memorial football stadium on December 12, 2008 at 7:00pm. The GHS law firm is a very well known and famous firm that serves some of the finest corporations such as Apple and Microsoft. Having a passion for protecting the intellectual rights of their clients is key to their success. They strongly believe that the exchange of common knowledge s very important to a healthy academic environment. All are invited but this event is specifically intended for faculty members who have a want to expand their knowledge of the terms copyright and plagiarism and how students use each others information. Each attendee will receive a packet of information that will be used throughout the presentation.
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