a13J_Transactions - Invoice Number Invoice0126 Invoice0127...

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Invoice Number Service Name Service ID Date of Service Hours Billed Invoice-0126 HVAC Design 227-SER 3/17/2009 6 Invoice-0127 Office Design 228-SER 3/18/2009 6 Invoice-0128 Electrical inspection 225-SER 3/19/2009 4 Invoice-0129 Office Landscape 230-SER 3/20/2009 15 Invoice-0130 CAD Design 231-SER 3/21/2009 8 Invoice-0131 Workspace Analysis 232-SER 3/22/2009 12 Invoice-0132 Structural Design 233-SER 3/23/2009 12 Invoice-0133 HVAC Design 227-SER 3/24/2009 4 Invoice-0134 Office Landscape 230-SER 3/25/2009 8 Invoice-0135 Lighting Plan 402-SER 3/26/2009 8 Invoice-0136 Furniture Plan 403-SER 3/27/2009 10 Invoice-0137 Reception Area Re-design 404-SER 3/28/2009 12 Invoice-0138 Conference Room Furniture 405-SER 3/29/2009 12 Invoice-0139 Workroom Re-design 406-SER 3/30/2009 12 Invoice-0140 Computing Center Electrical Plan 407-SER 3/31/2009 15 Invoice-0141 Energy Efficiency Analysis 408-SER 4/1/2009 15 Invoice-0142 Workstation Configurations 409-SER 4/2/2009 15 Invoice-0143
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This note was uploaded on 03/25/2011 for the course MGT 268 taught by Professor Paragkosalge during the Spring '08 term at Grand Valley State.

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a13J_Transactions - Invoice Number Invoice0126 Invoice0127...

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