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Assignment 3 MKT

Assignment 3 MKT - After answer all the questions for the...

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Kyle Gring 2/17/2011 MKT- 359 Assignment 3 For this assignment, you will need to investigate the political and legal issues of bringing your product into the three countries you are considering. To complete the assignment, answer the following questions (assuming that you are a US company): 1) What, if any, restrictions do they have on foreign ownership? 2) What barriers to trade do they have? (tariffs, quotas, etc.) 3) Will issues such as corruption or red tape be a problem for you to bring in your product? 4) What legal constructs do they have in place that may make it difficult for you to do business? 5) What legal constructs do they have in place to protect your business and product? How well are these enforced? 6) How will these issues impact your ability to do business in each of the countries?
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Unformatted text preview: After answer all the questions for the three countries, at the end eliminateone of the three countries based on the cultural issues and political and legal issues. Justify your selection. You may use a question and answer format for this assignment. Typed, double spaced, stapled. Length depends on how much information you find. Should be at least 3 pages. Due February 28th. Start with the sources I provided earlier in assignment two and then look for each country's equivalent to the chamber of commerce or department of state. You should also look in the library databases for information and articles about doing business in these countries....
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