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CS 537 Take Home Spring 2009 - CS 537 Study Guide and...

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CS 537 Study Guide and Take-Home Exam This is an Exam, not a homework assignment. You can use any resources, but it must be your own work. Please initial here: Due on the day of Final Exam. 1. List the TCP/IP layers and briefly describe their major functions. List the protocols this course has covered in each layer, together with their Protocol Data Units (PDUs). 2. Briefly describe the header structures (basic components) of UDP, TCP, IPv4 Datagram, and the Ethernet Frame. 3. Define : Go-Back-N and selective repeat TCP 3-way handshake Sequence numbers and acknowledgement numbers 4. How is flow control done in TCP? 5. What are the basic principles of Congestion Control in TCP? … 6. Suppose two hosts, A and B, are separated by 20,000 kilometers and are connected by a direct link of R = 10 Mbps. Suppose the propagation speed over the link is 2.5*10 8 meters/sec. a) Consider sending a file of 1,000,000 bits from host A to host B. Suppose the file is sent continuously as one big message. What is the maximum number of bits that will be in the link at any given time? b) What is the width (in meters) of a bit in the link? c) How long does it take to send the file, assuming it is sent continuously? 7. Consider sending a 5,000-byte datagram into a link with a MTU of 980 bytes. Suppose the original datagram has the identification number 225. How many fragments are generated? For each fragment, what is its size, what is the value of its identification, fragment offset, and fragment flag?
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8. Why can’t the cable in an Ethernet network be very long? Why can’t the Ethernet frame be too short (a minimum length is required)? What are the limiting factors?
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CS 537 Take Home Spring 2009 - CS 537 Study Guide and...

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