1922 cultured pearls appear on the market one of the

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Unformatted text preview: a nuclei and a small piece of mantle from donor oyster) and worked over the next three decades to promote cultured pearls. 1922 – cultured pearls appear on the market One of the major problems Mikimoto overcame was finding the right nuclei. The ideal nucleus; a substance of appropriate density that would not be routinely rejected by the oyster and also undetectable under the thin layers of nacre, was found to be polished beads cut from other mollusk shells. • 1926 – Visit to the U.S. Thomas Edison; “pig toe” mussel ANS 18 ANS 12 • The "pig toe" or "washboard" freshwater mussels of the Mississippi River basin, are large mussels weighing up to seven pounds. The thick shells of these mussels can provide beads from a few millimeters in size up to 14 millimeters. Annual US export of mussel shell is about 11,000 mt/year. Mussel bead prices run from $ 3,200/kg for average beads (< 13 mm) to $ 14,000/kg for top of the line 17 mm beads. ANS 18 ANS 13 • 1930s - The most important source of natural •...
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