Implanting operations done during the cooler months

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Unformatted text preview: ysters are weaken for • 30 - 40 days by crowding or subjected to poor growing conditions. This weakening induces the oyster to spawn and ensures that it is sufficiently weak not to reject the inserted nuclei. Implanting operations - Done during the cooler months, trained technicians insert one or more nuclei (typically one) and a small cube of donor mantle tissue into the host gonad tissue. Technicians are paid $ 1,000/day plus expenses and implant ~ 300 oysters per day. ANS 18 ANS 21 Pearl grafting Bead or nucleus plus a piece of mantle from donor oyster ANS 18 ANS 22 Black pearl growout – 2 yrs = 2 mm nacre ANS 18 ANS 23 Marine pearl grading • Approximately 50% of implanted oysters will yield • Grading and processing of pearls – 5% A-grade: flawless, one flaw, small flaws, small stain, pink, silver or light cream – 35% B-grade: fairly large flaws, stains, cream color, irregular shape – 60% C-grade: trash pearls, wild shaped, badly coated, heavily pock-marked, clayey lumps ANS 18 ANS 24 pearls (90% with antibiotic coated nuclei), however gem quality pearls will only be around 5 % of the total. Freshwater pearl production in Japan (mt) 0 1967 1971 1975 1980 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Japan – Lake Biwa Freshwater Pearl Production ANS 18 ANS 1985 1990 25 Freshwater pearl culture • Dredging for mussels • Preoperation culture of mother mussels • Operation 1 – 3 years 12 – 15 mussles per 30 cm2 pearl basket Mother mussels, 100 – 130 mm in shell length October t...
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